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André Luis was born in 1973, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, starting his studies in 1982, tough his childhood was already full of music, since his mother sang and encouraged him to sing, until the daily sessions with Bach, Haendel, Beethoven, Ella, Monk, Ellis, Milton.

From the time spent with his grandfather, developed a simple musical sense, spontaneous and sincere, as well as the practice of singing using bagpipes.

Studied piano with António Bezzan and Claudio Richerme. Nowadays studies with Gilberto Tinetti, Studied classical(erudite) singing with Clovis de Andre and Celine Imbert.

Experimental Mime (registered professional), performed in several plots such as "O Artista da Fome" and "O Louco Sviatoslav".

Worked as a vocal and musical coach with scenic arts teachers from the São Paulo University (USP), composing songs and coaching singing actors.

Researches electronic music and its relationship with the voice. He teaches Piano and singing. Has Academic qualification in composition and Conduction and a Music's degree, and is also a licensed teacher by MEC. Recently develops a job with musical education based on the individual/society relationship, with the Musical project Luzerna. Information about graduations, awards and experiences are irrelevant here, since André believes that his art was learnt with the world.



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